03 March 2012


Yesterday I finally got the children bicycle helmets. {I know, parental fail!} and David rode around all evening with his new helmet, protecting his melon. Later he proclaimed he was ready to take off the training wheels on his bike and today he made good on that proclamation. We are so proud of him...

It was so sweet to hear him say he didn't want to ever stop riding his bike. It was also sweet to watch him riding up the street nervous about falling but happy that Daddy was there to catch his fall.

Look Ma, No Wheels

Serious Bike Rider

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  1. Congratulations! Look at David go. I hear Emi singing softly in the back ground such a sweet voice. And your baby girl cheering her brother on along with mommy and daddy.

    what a lovely family and wonderful memories.

    Thank you for sharing.


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