13 March 2012

Glamorous Life

The weekend went by way too fast and with all of the rain that we got (I am in NO way complaining), I was worried I wouldn't get any yard work in before the Sunday Dread kicked in... I was wrong (happily).

Friday night started off with dinner at Ray's (always hits the spot) before we dropped Emi off at her Girl Scout lock-in. I actually got teary-eyed on the way back from dropping her off because she seemed so at-ease with me leaving her there for the night...my little girl is growing up so fast. Another troop hosted the lock-in (bless their hearts) and the girls got comfy so quickly, kicking off their shoes and claiming their spots for the night. The theme was "Gross Out" and I noted a table of "dirty diapers" on my way out. I'd seen this particular game played at our "baby shower" when David and Aubri first joined the family.  Identifying the particular candy bar soiling any given diaper was the goal of the game and it was too funny to see people intentionally getting their noses right up into those diapers.

Scott's cousin was a pro at this game....

Still can't believe less than 2 years ago we had TWO in diapers! We remedied that real quick.

So Saturday morning I got up early to pick Emi up from her lock-in and I found her trying to sleep. Another girl from her troop said that they'd gone to sleep at the last minute which means they got about 15 minutes sleep. No problem for Emi except that she had a soccer game at 9 and a basketball tournament game at 10:40am.  

Emi won The Grossest Girl of All award at the Gross Out lock-in. {we're so proud}

Gross Out Girl
Emi's proud of her trophy - it's chilled in the freezer waiting to be filled with a nice cold one...

Crashing (or trying to)
What goes up, must come down...

We gave her a cup and a half of coffee and started the first game...I don't think we've ever seen her run so fast or kick so hard. They won their soccer game...and then they went on to win their first basketball game. They didn't win their second game though (and we were okay with that).

It was cold and wet out so we hung out inside and watched movies and baked...spinach artichoke dip and chocolate chip cookies...

Oh, and I was also terrorized by Ozzie when I went out to give the chickens a little scratch...the nerve! You can see the scary moments captured here. Yes, Scott taped my moments of terror instead of beheading the devil chicken. I think his days are numbered...

Sunday turned out quite gorgeous after a while. After church while Emi was getting her hair done by Ketiesha, I got busy making Chicken n Dumplings (Emi's request) and in between steps I was outside weeding and planting some of those bulbs I got a couple of weeks ago.

While I am excited about the prospect of flowers and greenery and fruit/veggies growing, I am almost constantly overwhelmed with the amount of weeds in our yards. I know, deep breaths, in and out.


  1. I think if i pulled the weeds out id have no grass. Sadly, as much as this bothers me a new lawn is on the bottom of my to do pile.
    Maybe next summer.
    Tell emi we said congrats!

  2. what a hilarious baby shower game! it might even put me off chocolate for a day or 2 :)


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