07 March 2012

Beyond the Sea (La Mer)

Back in 2010 while I was in Florida for a conference, I picked up a couple of Tommy Bahama CDs for Scott for Father's Day. I thought he might enjoy them because there was a nice relaxing variety of poolside music on them. I never thought I would become obsessed by a song on one of the CDs almost 2 years later.

It seems to be constantly running through my mind at work or while I am doing yardwork or washing dishes.

While I took 10 hours of French in college, I still had to research some of the words/phrases to translate the song for you...

La mer (The sea)
Qu'on voit danser le long des golfes clairs (That one sees dancing alongside the clear gulfs)
A des reflets d'argent (Has silver reflections)
La mer (The sea)
Des reflets changeants (Changing reflections)
Sous la pluie (Under rain)

La mer (The sea)
Au ciel d'été confond (To the summer sky merge)
Ses blancs moutons (Its white sheep)
Avec les anges si purs (With such pure angels)
La mer bergère d'azur (The sea, shepherdess of azure )
Infinie (Infinite)

Voyez (See)
Près des étangs (Close to the ponds)
Ces grands roseaux mouillés (These big wet reeds)
Voyez  (See)
Ces oiseaux blancs (These white birds)
Et ces maisons rouillées (And these rusted houses)

La mer (The sea)
Les a bercés (Has rocked them)
Le long des golfes clairs (Alongside the clear gulfs)
Et d'une chanson d'amour (And with a song of love)
La mer (The sea)
A bercé mon coeur pour la vie (Has soothed my heart for life)

I could definitely live by La Mer

Daddy and the Kids
Ma belle famille
The song reminds me of the time spent on the beach last summer and it's motivating me to try to capture the feeling of being near the sea in our backyard... Maybe some sand and paint can help recapture that vibe...we'll see. Until then, I have La Mer to inspire me.

What about you? What's inspiring you lately?


  1. This post, for one, is inspiring me. Lovely thoughts... beautiful author! :)

    P.S. I promise to respond to your VBA nomination (from February!) this week... thank you and sorry so late! The lake has been calling me... (A smaller version of the sea, but water nonetheless!)

  2. Love the pictures! That would be cool to recreate the beach.

    I'm so uninspired right now. And I still have to finish putting pics in the center frame as well as others I plan on putting up around the house. I have no get up and go.

    How was the weather in OK this weekend?

  3. I've had that happen. Many, MANY years ago I heard a song by Chris Rea called "On The Beach" which called me to whisk The Hubby away to Destin, Florida for an entire week!


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