01 December 2011

Surprise Healthy Dinner

We've been eating very well lately:

Thursday: Thanksgiving Meal #1
Friday: Lasagna, baby!
Saturday: Thanksgiving Meal #2
Sunday: Turkey Day leftovers
Monday: Garbanzo Bean Soup with Kale and Ham
Tuesday: Baked Flounder, Rice and Roasted Cauliflower

But yesterday while planning dinner out in my head all I could come up with was queso (of the Velveeta and Rotel variety). I was stumped there and didn't want to hit the grocery store on my way home from work.

[For the record, I am certain that me and my family could totally fill our bellies on chips and queso.]

I surveyed the deli drawer for sandwich ingredients (there were none) and I found a package of tempeh. The last dish I made with tempeh was wolfed down heartily by my family so I decided to go back for more. The package indicated I needed to use or freeze by 12/2 so that's where dinner began. Where to go (quickly) from here? I would normally opt for brown rice but that would have taken over an hour and I was losing precious daylight.

I found half a package of egg noodles in the pantry and thought with a little garlic, that would mix well.  With the tempeh cooking in grapeseed oil and garlic, I checked around for veggies. I found kale and baby carrots in the crisper so I chopped that up and added that to the tempeh.  After adding in the noodles, we seasoned with a tiny bit of garlic salt and then a healthy shaking of nutritional yeast.

And to think that I was afraid that between the little brick of tempeh and half bag of noodles I wouldn't have enough to feed my family:

Surprise Vegan Dish
Surprise Vegetarian Dish (we had queso too!)

It reminded me of the story of Jesus feeding the multitudes...

P.S. There were no leftovers of this dish....but we do have queso!


  1. Nolita, don't you love it when food "multiplies" like that? I can't begin to tell you how many times that's happened to me, too (especially when unexpected company drops in.) Definitely a blessing!

  2. Yes, indeed, Kim. I felt like a cooking savant the other night. Seemed physically impossible to turn out enough food that was so tasty AND healthy. I enjoy a challenge for sure but I am really thankful for my family meals and seeing how God meets our needs. Have a blessed day!


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