27 December 2011

No Coal in Our Stockings

This year I got a lot of things I wanted and quite a few unexpected nice things as well. On Christmas Eve my parents were all about the cash which was too much, but also awesome! {Thank you!} For the Dirty Santa game, I got a cute Rudolph ornament and some red & white bootie socks from VS (which I passed along to the Emster). From my family, I got The Biebs' perfume, Someday (I was goofily happy about it) and a pretty pink, ruffly robe that came with it. I also got a sweet sign from Emi that I will hang on our kitchen wall soon:

Sweet Sign from Emi Lou
My Baby Girl is So Thoughtful

In my stocking I got an Ulta gift card (my eyeliner is down to a nub), that Bentley I've always wanted and my favorite chocolate bar (among other candies, an apple and an orange). I got a cool Sgt Pepper tee from my in-laws (they always gift me some cool Beatles items!) and more cash. For the Morgan Christmas we usually just bring a man/woman gift and do the straight Santa thing. I brought a high sided griddle that my mom ending up getting and then giving back to me (score!!). I didn't think she'd want to lug that thing back to Florida. I left with a cool candle that mimics a crackling wood fire, a cute snowman tea towel, some peace socks and coconut lime hand soap. Scott's sister and aunts seem to have started a tradition of buying certain items (tea towels, socks, hand soaps) in bulk and sharing with the other ladies. I guess I need to get on the bandwagon and start participating next year. {I have almost a year to get creative.}

My mom got me something I've requested from my husband for 3 years (at least, maybe longer) now - a salad spinner. I know it may not be a big deal to you, but it's something I've wanted and have yet never bought for myself. I haven't used it yet, but I was just getting good and sick with my head cold when I received it. I did manage to use the griddle yesterday morning to make pancakes for the family though....

Got My Salad Spinner!
Wearing my Sgt Pepper tee and showing off my salad spinner!

My kids got their (current) hearts' desires. Emi got the Black Eyed Peas Experience Wii game and I think all of the adults in the family are hurting today from trying to dance like apl.de.ap, Fergie, Taboo and will.i.am. I will honor their requests not to post those videos to my flickr, blog or FaceBook but man were they hilarious!

What about you, did you get everything you asked Santa for?

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