24 December 2011

New (Old) Favorite

I was watching Jimmy Fallon last night when Kermit and Robin joined Jimmy and Roots (the band) to sing When the River Meets the Sea like John Denver did back in 1979. The song brought tears to my eyes...first time for a muppet to have that effect on me...

Very touching song that I imagine would be welcome at a loved one's funeral. {not to sound morbid}  The song ranks right up there with Amazing Grace for me. I was totally caught off guard by the emotion evoked by JF and the Muppets. I recorded it and shared it with the family about 17 times already today. I am hoping that Scott and Emi will learn to play it so we can share with the other family members.

Here's another song from back then:

And another sweet Kermit song:

We've been tracking Santa on NORAD and his next stop is at Mt. Everest, Nepal!


  1. Just seeing John Denver put a lump in my throat! I have a real weakness for him. His album, "Back Home Again" was one of my first and I just loved it - lots of good memories.

    Dough, Dirt & Dye
    Empty On the Inside

  2. Annie, my sister and I used to sing Take Me Home, Country Roads when we were kids...that song and Yellow Submarine were favorites as we explored the woods and creek surrounding our house. JD and The Muppets bring back fond memories for sure!


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