08 December 2011

Morgan Adventure - Day 8

This day might count as a Christmas Fail. It started off so hopeful.

Me and My Girl
I am taller than Emi when I'm wearing my lucky boots!
Later I got busy with work and appointments and we ran out of time for the activity that was pulled - "Movie". But that was fine because the kids actually watched an unscheduled Christmas movie last night.

We had time for dinner as a family (leftover Chicken Chili and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches) and the Little Ones had a nice relaxing bath and a Christmas bedtime story.

Emi and I got busy in the kitchen late and I can say without a doubt that I did not carefully think the snowballs through...and I purchased sub par mini candy canes. And I don't care for peppermint flavored rice krispies also... But we had to try, right?

They probably would have turned out better had we used better canes and also if we had iced the balls before decorating them (That's what she said!).

Not Schweddy

This is what we are sharing with family. I hope we don't get lumps of coal in our stockings for this.

Box of Peppermint Balls
Not Schweddy

The Melting Snowman Cookies at least tasted good. I used a tried and true recipe and this time I used sugar that had been infused with vanilla bean.

Icy Graveyard?
Ohhh nooooo...it's Mr. Bill

Ahhhhhh! I'm Melting
Ahhhh....I'm melting...
Looks Like Foul Play
Icy Graveyard
I think in the future I will stick with the cookies and treats I know best...

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  1. They turned out cute. I was wondering if marshmellows would have worked for the heads. Love the melting idea though... too cute.

    And YES you have to try at least once. You are making memories.



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