05 December 2011

Morgan Adventure - Day 5

Tonight's Advent activity was "Christmas Shopping". We took the kids to the mall and started off the adventure with an early dinner at El Chico (we have some 20% off cards so we felt inclined to indulge). Then we hit JCPenney in search of man/woman gifts for 2 family Dirty Santa exchanges coming up this weekend. I had a $10 off coupon for JCP. We were able to get most of what we needed and Emi got the Little Ones some Cars slippers (which they will LOVE). While I was distracting the Little Ones with ornaments in the customer service area, David called out "Mom, punch buggy!" What are the odds?

Pink Punch Buggy
Of course we got the Pink Punch Buggy for the tree!
Santa was stationed just outside of JCP so there was no avoiding him. David and Aubri caught him while there was a lull. They asked him if he had presents for them. He ended up giving them a couple of books (which we read before bed) and we all got cards for free candy at Candyopolis! That was a nice surprise to us all.

While there I looked for white malted milk balls but they only had regular chocolate covered. Then my eyes landed on this....

It's a Christmas Miracle!
We got these "for the kids"

My go-to place for candy in Norman is The Candy Basket. They seem to have all of the good Christmas candy so hopefully they can help out with the snowman heads. If they don't have some confection that I can use for the Melting Snowman, I will have to do more research, I guess...

Speaking of Christmas treats, have you ever had Figgy Pudding? I sometimes get a wild hair to try a dish or treat from the Christmas stories or songs and I am typically underwhelmed with the experience. Case in point: a  few years ago I thought it would be cool to get sugar plums for the kiddos for Christmas and when I finally got to sample them (I got them at The Candy Basket), it was just like chewy sugar, like a jelly bean version. They were purple candies, but I was thinking it would be more like the dehydrated pineapple pieces. Maybe authentic sugar plums are dehydrated and sugar coated? In my mind the visions of sugar plums were way different than what I got.

Anyway, from the song We Wish You a Merry Christmas there are a couple of lines about bringing us a figgy pudding and not leaving until we get some, so I thought I might try to make Figgy Pudding. Unless it's like fruit cake, then no thanks. I mentioned trying to make Figgy Pudding tonight and I got a resounding "ew!" from the guys, so I told them I was putting that down as an activity...I was only half kidding....

Do you have any traditional treats that you make for Christmas?


  1. They havent put two and two together: Santa is always everywhere! Thats one of the clues that got me when I was little. I had plans on emailing you about making time to visit for a Christmas celebration. We are in between phone plans right now ( I usually email from my phone) so please email david (dtampkins@yahoo.com) if theres sometime or something we can plan! take care & love you!!!

  2. I'm enjoyig the adventures. Love the punch buggy. Did David get to punch you? haha

    That was sweet of Emi to pick out the cars slippers for her younger siblings.

    If you can't find whit chocolate malt balls why don't you just get the regular ones and melt some white chocolate and roll them in the white chocolate. Just an idea. Have no idea if it would melt the origninal chocolate or not. or your could try frosting them? haha that would be a lot of work!

    Looking forward to seeing the next adventure.

    oh, we don't have any traditional candies. It hurts to stand for to long so it makes it hard to bake. Which is my favorite thing to do. Oh, well at leat I'm walking. :-)

    Happy Tuesday!


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