04 December 2011

Morgan Adventure - Day 4

Today's activity was a nice little surprise. After church we went out to my parents' house for lunch. We hung out there most of the day (we also picked up that bunk bed frame) then we came home to cook an early dinner. While I was cooking dinner (Chicken Alfredo with Angel Hair Pasta Oh my!), we let the kiddos have some hot cocoa and cookies (to throw them off track). Is this the surprise?


Trying to capture Emi's new do ... notice kids learning how to photobomb...

During dinner I casually mentioned to Scott that I thought we left some bunk bed hardware out at my parents so we needed to head back out there after dinner. We loaded up the kids and headed East to MeeMaw's and then we made a quick detour to the Downs Family Christmas light show. Even though it was only a few minutes from our house, we had to wake Aubri up because we skipped naps today.

We stayed for the half hour show and the kids really enjoyed it. Aubri asked if we were going to MeeMaw's after the show and then we had to explain what a ruse was...

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  1. Love all of your adventures. I love that Aubri asked Santa for vitamines. Too cute!

    Emi rockin the new do. David seemed to be enjoying those cookies.

    Looks like a supper busy but fun weekend for your family.

    Happy Monday!


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