23 December 2011

Morgan Adventure - Day 23

Tonight started off with a little Happy Hour at The Mont...

Kristy, Stacey, Nols, Jennifer & Sharmin
Kristy, Stacey, Nolita, Jennifer & Sharmin

Sharmin, Leslie & Nols
Sharmin, Leslie & Nolita

We didn't hang out as long as usual because we all had other things to do. I came home and prepared 2 lasagnas - one that we ate tonight and then another for this weekend when we don't want to cook after holiday gatherings...

While the lasagna cooked and we waited for my mom, sister and nephew to get here, the kiddos caroled to our neighbors:

And after dinner, my mom (aka the kids' lola) blew out the candle on her coconut birthday cake.

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Mom!
Some of us played Wii Golf (Scott and Emi are actually still playing!) and some of us played matching games with the Little Ones.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, Everyone!

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