17 December 2011

Morgan Adventure - Day 17

We made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast and Scott said these were the best pancakes he's ever had. (What's he angling for?) We caught the kids up on their countdown calendars (and chocolate) and we also drew the activities for yesterday and today and ended up punting them (Reading Twas the Night Before Christmas & Caroling to the Neighbors) in favor of ice cream and watching The Wizard of Oz. We've already read that story a few times already this season and we need to practice a little more on a song...

It was such a gorgeous day today! After lunch we went outside and raked leaves, worked on the pool and poolhouse and also let the chickens out for a little while.

Group Dirt Bath
There's a pile of chickens in my flower bed! {they were taking a dirt bath, not dirt nap)

Ketiesha came by to give Emi a new do and Emi sure looks cute (as usual). It's a very long process and Ketiesha is amazingly patient and does a thorough job. She's gotten Emi's hair detangled completely and washed thoroughly and a put into few new styles over the past few months. We love Ketiesha!

New Do
Working on Emi's hair...

When she began working on Emi's hair we watched The Help. Loved that book and loved the movie too. When I read the book I always imagined Emi's granny as Aibeleen.

New Do
Pretty New Do (front)

New Do
Pretty New Do (back)

Fire Bowl
Burning in the Fire Bowl

Tortilla Soup
Homemade Tortilla Soup

Dinner was satisying and so was dessert and the movie. So nice to have a night at home with my family...

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