15 December 2011

Morgan Adventure - Day 15

Today we let the kids eat their Popcorn Snowmen for breakfast. 

I know...call DHS right now!

The Little Ones wore PJs to school for their parties and they saw Santa for the first time today. Well, actually, on the way to school Aubri said she saw Santa in a yard. When I asked what he was doing, she said he was dead. When I asked what happened, she said that Santa had a fever and then he was dead. I asked if it was the real Santa and she said "no". David said he'd take the fever away and tell Santa to "wake up".  Very interesting small talk in the Disco some mornings...most mornings...

Snow Globe
So Pretty!

We had dinner at the NWC and guess who made an appearance complete with gifts? Yeppers - "Santa". This satellite Santa even got tired of his beard and pulled it down because it was too scratchy. David gave us this knowing look when he did that. (I will post the Santa pictures once they are available...)

Getting Excited
David gives us the thumbs-up!

Us with Frosty at the NWC

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