05 December 2011

Cookie Monster

I am not a fan of gingerbread much (I know, I'm such a Grinch!), but I can get into shortbread and sugar cookies so we get by in our house. I really, really wanted to do Ninjabread Men at our house because the cookies are so cute, but I can't part with $14.99 even if shipping is free. Call me cheap but I have 3 kids to feed and I'd rather spend that money on stuff to make the cookies instead.

So I thought we could adjust the cookies cut out with our Gingerbread Man cutters to make ninja-esque cookies, but that went out the window when we starting cutting the cookies on Saturday... We also tried to use up the rest of our fancy periwinkle colored sugar too but we were not successful. We still had good holiday cookies but we'll have to make a few more snowflake cookies to share at upcoming gatherings to deplete the sugar.

With all of the crafting and cooking activities I've wanted to do, I've struggled with old habits of running out and buying stuff from a fresh list of needed supplies and instead, talked myself into modifying things a bit or just making do with stuff we already have. This helps because Old Me has gone on shopping excursions in the past and not shown any restraint so it's not like we don't have stuff around to use.

So I'm not going to get those cuter than cute Ninjabread Men cookie cutters (unless a local store has them for 50% off after Christmas) but we will still be making some funny cookies. The Melting Snowman cookies captured my eye today so I'm hellbent to make them this week.

Image from the decorated cookie

I'm not going to use fondant because I want to keep this simple (and I'm not a fan of fondant - gross!), so I'm thinking of going with white malted milk balls and pre-made cookie icing and mini chocolate chips (for the buttons and maybe the nose, hah!). I'm thinking my gang can handle making the blob cookies and I will probably have to have a glass of wine in me before I let them decorate their own (kids can be quite messy). I'm shooting for Thursday evening...wish us luck!

Aren't they cute?

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  1. What a great idea! I was munching on sugar cookies this weekend. They are so good.

    I might have to try out your idea. Let us know how it goes. I hope you have pics too!

    Hope you had a nice Monday!


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