28 December 2011


Yesterday I battled my head cold with thoughts of "Why me?" and self pity in between all of the nose-blowing, but today is a different story. I know soooo many people ailing with different ailments and I am tired of commiserating. Here is where I get off (I hope!).  I dug deep into the recesses of the medicine cabinet for the Neti-mist sinus spray and the Nose Better gel. Then I ran to NG to grab some fish oil supplements and Emergen-C. The Black Tie chocolate cupcake wasn't on the list but I thought it might be a good chaser for the fish oil...(FYI, I was right.)

Not pictured: Theraflu Daytime Multi-symptom Cold Caplets, fish oil supplements and Kleenex (you're welcome)

On the menu tonight is PHO and I am praying that the stuff I'm already doing plus the pho send this head cold packing...

12/29/11 Update: Pho was yummy and I wish I had more today...

Good stuff, maynard!

We are definitely Phonatics!!

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  1. I love PHO!!!! Its one of my top fav. I have never made it myself mostly due to the fact that I dont know if David likes it. Its on my list of to dos to get David to my fav place in OKC. We stopped in there once to get a honey dew melon smoothie for me ( its delish!) I may be praying for some colder weather - that im sure is on its way!- so we can make a Pho run!


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