13 November 2011


What a nice weekend we had! The weather was perfectly delicious and confusing to the plants and animals in our yard. (I still have tadpoles in my pond! It's like they are never going to become bullfrogs...) Emi and I planted 100 tulip bulbs and we're crossing our fingers that we did this correctly...guess we'll see in February?

Some of us pretended to be super heroes.

SuperWhy Girl and Bobbie
"Wyatt" and Bobbie
It was so gorgeous outside today...my redbuds seem to think it's Spring again...

Confused Redbud
We celebrated Aubri's birthday today after church. That was a nice time with the family. Sweet Aubri had a good time and got some fun gifts. When she opened up her Cabbage Patch Kid from Grandma Babe she shouted "My baby!". She carried her McKenzie around all afternoon...after Daddy was done playing with her:


Birfday Flurry

After the birthday party, the kids took over my bed...for a little movie watching.
They Took Over My Bed
Hobo Invasion...
Emi went on a bike ride with a friend and we "watched" Robots (Aubri and I napped and it was lovely).
"Here Momma"
Sweet Boy
Not ready for the weekend to end just yet...


  1. Happy Birthday to you, Aubri!!

    Looks like you migh need to keep an eye on dad or he might be playing with your baby more than you. haha

    Looks like you had a wonderful weekend.

    The weather was crazy! When we left Poteau it was 83 degrees. I changed into my PJ shorts and T-shirt. Good thing I wear normal Tshirts and shorts to sleep in. I'm still tired.

    Your little supper man picked you a sweet flower. :-)

    Loved the pic's.


  2. What a beautiful family you have! :) I just found you via All & Sundry.

    I wish you and your family well.

  3. Thanks, Jackie! Weather was crazy gorgeous! Hope you have recovered from your visit with Blake.

    Thank you, Anne and welcome to my blog. Love Linda - she is one blog I always read. I hope she and her dad get reconnected. Thanks again!


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