25 November 2011

Table Envy

Well, sort of..more like table makeover envy. After Melissa posted that she might refinish a table recently, and then went ahead and did it, I felt like a bit of a slacker with my coffee table.

Tag Sale Table
Emi and I got this table for $15 at a yard sale up the street....SIX years ago!
I actually like the table as-is and occasionally will pass an oiled rag over it to polish out the imperfections, I mean character...but I think it needs a little oomph! I want the treatment to be sturdy enough to survive the Sun Room (which is often used at the Play Room). I googled for "painted wooden table" images and got a few good options then I added "turquoise" (because I love that color and all variations of it) and I got a few more options that appealed to me (like below found here).

Actually, I got inspiration overload and had to walk away from my laptop for a minute and recalibrate myself. Good thing I am not on Pinterest!

I don't think I need to look further for my options....
We have some reorganization needs to take care of around the house in the next couple of weeks (musical beds for the kiddos) but I would like to paint the table legs before my mom gets here for Christmas....we'll see!

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  1. Well thanks for the shout out Lady! :) I think that your coffee table would look great with that turquoise makeover.

    Turquoise happens to be one of my most favorite colors.


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