21 November 2011

Weekend Progress

First off I wanted to show a little contrasting Peace Wreath pictures so you can fully appreciate how much Emi has grown in 6 years. Granted she was only a wee 3 years old when we got the Peace Wreath and she's a big girl at 9 now. Aubri is 6 months younger now than Emi was back then...whoa! They grow up so fast...

My Girls
Saturday afternoon was gorgeous! After Emi's basketball games we got outside and played, let the chickens out to free range, tended to the pool and I took trimmings from the pine tree and crafted our wreath. I am happy with it at current but might need to replace the pine in a couple of weeks if it poses too serious a fire hazard.

Swinging in the Sunshine
Enjoying the sunshine...
I put out a minimal amount of decorations inside the house because I got distracted by a cookie bar recipe I wanted to try out. Oh man! I do not recommend making these because it's impossible to stay away from this wonderful treat. They are so good. If you do decide to try this tasty treat out, be sure to box up at least half to offload to your office breakroom or kid's classroom or unsuspecting neighbor because these are irresistible.

Spreading the Cookie Dough
Emi spreading the cookie dough on top of that salty pretzel crust..

Chocolate Chunk Cookie Bar with Pretzel Base
Gooey, sweet and salty...

We used chocolate chunks and buttery pretzels and the result was yum! Tasted a bit caramelly too so that was a bonus!

While Emi was doing her thing with the cookie bars, I was doing my thing preparing home made chicken noodle soup packed with veggies. I make a lot so we can eat it for days.

Making Soup
Bok choy, yellow squash, asparagus and broccoli (not pictured) - carrots, onions and celery already in the pot!

While I didn't finish the Advent Calendar, I did come up with quite a few activities to put into the calendar once it's complete. I also hand sewed (do not recommend) a dog bed/pillow cover from an old Old Navy dog blanket that's been on the list for some time. I thought Kirby would use it up in Emi's room, but he prefers to be on her bed.

Kirby Snuggling up to Emi
Sweet Kirbs

I am sooo ready for Thanksgiving feasts and the long weekend with family....

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

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