19 November 2011

Kids Make You Cry

I am not talking about the "barricade yourself in the bathroom" type of crying this time...

I'm talking about the pride and happiness tears.

Thursday the Little Ones were having their Thanksgiving Dinner at school and I was unable to make it. Scott hadn't planned on going but he decided to swing by for a brief visit and I am so glad he did. He said he almost cried when he got there because they were so happy he was there.  Apparently a lot of parents were there and they wanted to show off their parents to their friends (who see us every day but that's a different scene altogether). David kept looking at the door asking about me and if I was coming even after Daddy said I wasn't going to make it. {Guilt pangs!!}

Also, Wednesday was the 4th grade program at Emi's school and she had a solo part to sing.  I'll be honest, these programs sometimes are not fun for me because there's always the inevitable dance participation part and I don't care to square dance...at all...ever...since the 6th grade when I was forced to partake as part of my P.E. requirement.  That night had its challenges (2 hobos on our laps 30 minutes before show time) but we got through the program and we got to hear our precious baby girl sing in public again (we hear her sing at home all the time).

When the audience participation part came around, Emi planned to dance with David (actually rehearsed with him earlier) but he hesitated and Aubri wanted to go so you can imagine what happened then:
Sad Faces
Uh-oh *sad faces*
Happy Faces
Mommy and Breezy were happy though...
David evenutally got over his sadness at not dancing and hopefully next time he'll go with the flow instead of freeze up and miss out...

And Friday morning as we were arriving to school, David pointed out his friend in the parking lot and by the time we got inside the building, he was smiling at him and holding his hand. It was just too sweet to see this kind gesture from my sweet little boy. It was a nice way to head into work that morning...

Love my kiddos!

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