23 November 2011


My Yaupon Holly baby didn't make it. ;.( I transplanted it back at the end of August to replace another plant that had died and the heat killed it (I think). Previously that location didn't receive full sun as a neighbor's carport blocked the sun, but they ripped the carport down earlier this summer. It was old and dilapidated so I'm glad it's gone but my poor plants suffered a little. Scott thought we should plant a Crape Myrtle in that spot because our other one was such a champ through all the heat, but I'm really thinking of evergreen, conical even.

Yaupon Baby
Poor baby Yaupon Holly, R.I.P.

I had a candiate shrub around the corner - it hasn't exactly thrived since I planted it there a few years ago but now I am thinking I should leave her there. My transplant track record this year has not been  very good...although I do still have live Butterfly Ginger plants that I got from my mom this past July.

The candidate plant is a Foster Holly that I looked high and low for and I found that poor baby at The Greenhouse with a lot of trumpet vine choking it slowly to death.  They were even unaware that they had it in stock because the vine was hiding it. I got a discount due to their neglect (always good) and I thought I could save it and make it grow fuller, but it  seems to lack fullness.

Until recently, I thought maybe it wasn't healthy, but when Emi and I went to the Fred Jones Museum of Art recently in an effort to meet the Phineas & Ferb co-creator, we passed by the OU President's house and noted that all of this holly bushes looked similar to mine and he has a team of people taking care of his plants. [Note: Jeff “Swampy” Marsh was there to do character drawings and autographs but he wasn't doing that until after the screening and we had to leave to go to Emi's basketball games. Wish we could've stayed!]

After we got home from Emi's games and picnicked on some really unhealthy fast food in the front yard I was able to get a good look at Holly and determined that she's fine and she's staying put.

Foster Holly

Maybe she needs a mate around the corner?  I'm thinking a taller, fuller more conical Foster Holly would be nice in that empty corner....I would like some color when all of the leaves are gone and it's snowy and cold out...plus a little sound dampener too and some vertical interest. I know, I don't want much, do I?

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  1. You amaze me with all of your gardening.

    We planted our bushes in front of our house a few moths after we moved in. We had 5 buses. 2 of the 5 got sick and died. Not the best look for the front of a house.

    I used to plant flowers before my back go so bad. Now my husband freaks if I mention it.

    I will live vicariously (sp?) thourgh you and your garden. :-) So please keep the pretty coming. I'm enjoying it.

    Have a fantastic weekend!


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