16 November 2011

Creating Space and Living List

This past weekend was a 3 day weekend for me and Emi and we had some quality time, made some progress on creating space, reducing clutter and crossing off items from my Living List (and adding some too, it IS a living document after all).

Friday morning after we got the Little Ones safely to school, Emi and I met with her teacher for parent-teacher conference. That went smoothly and then we were off to return books/movies to the library, ship an old unused laptop bag to someone who will use it, meet with her Girl Scout troop leader and search for VW Beetle cars for Aubri's birthday gifts.  We also checked out Michael's for some crafting supplies...

We hit 3 stores with no go on finding MatchBox or HotWheel VW Beetles. We did end up getting her a "slug bug" toy though, with a play toll booth but it's not what I had envisioned for her. Maybe for Christmas. The reason behind this search is because while David has probably 100+ cars, he's fairly stingy with them when it comes to sharing. Couple that with the latest obsession of playing "Punch Buggy" in the car and it would seem to be a winning decision to get Aubri a set of her own cars - a few VW Beetles and a VW Bus - so they can correctly ID slug bugs (currently they count mini-Coopers too).

After we ran those errands, we hit El Chico for an early lunch (we were doorbusters) and that was delish as usual. With our bellies full of Mexican fare we headed home to do a little gardening and crafting. I got to dig up all of those day lilies that I transferred into the front yard earlier this year.  I planted maybe 40 tulip bulbs along the driveway and several along the south side of the chicken coop.

I don't know what I'm doing but it's neat to think about a pop of color early in the Spring here, right?

Moved Borders
This is from 2 1/2 months ago - pretty & fragrant crape myrtle blooms

This left us 40 bulbs to plant somewhere public (anonymously; you don't know the location so technically it's still anonymous) I hope that these babies grow and show us (and unsuspecting passersby) color in the Spring.

We also made some Mind Jars. I thought it would be neat for us to have something to focus on while in time out. I saw these a while back over here and they were on the crafty to-do list.

Mind Jar (shook up)
Blue Mind Jar
We painted our mini-pumpkins but I don't think they are done. I really wanted the "sugared" effect and the glittered paint I used didn't do it for me. Will have to procure some pretty glitter for phase 2 of this project. Here's a peek at Emi's radiant pumpkin.

Ravishing Red

And we chunked some of our Teflon cookware and seasoned our iron cookware (more treasure found in the basement).

Gordon Ramsay would have screamed "Donkey!" at me for sure the way I cooked these filets in my newly season skillet...

Emi camped overnight at a science-y whodunnit Girl Scout camp Saturday night and I slogged through some laundry and baked pumpkin coconut yeast bread again for Aubri's birthday lunch Sunday.

It was a perfectly lovely weekend that I really cherished with my family. I had some quality time with my biggest girl Friday, some progress on chores and time with the hubs and Little Ones Saturday, then more quality time with extended family (Emi was back by lunch) to end the weekend. Look forward to many more weekends like this...


  1. Sounds like a fund productive day. Sorry you didn't find the car's you were looking for. Have you tried looking for them online?

    It's nice when you can have some one on one time with your kids. Isn't it?

    Have a fantastic day!

  2. Thanks, Jackie! Hope you are having a great day too!

    I did end up ordering the last 5-pk of VW Classics Matchbox cars from Amazon.com yesterday. I just thought we could easily get them from the usual places where I get David's random cars but no luck. I could have gotten her a baja bug but I wanted her to have the classics.

    It is nice to have the one on one time. And I owe a day or afternoon to David....soon...


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