20 November 2011

Christmas Crafts

I'm not very crafty, but I am driven and I can be resourceful (on occasion). For example, I redid my Christmas Peace wreath finally:

My Girls
My pretty daughters modeling the new wreath...

Peace Pine Wreath
Closer view - I just used pine tree bits from our tree - hope it lasts...
Last year I wanted to make new stockings for the family but I ran out of time. I can live with the hodge podge of stockings we have, but I really would like something classic and cohesive, rather that whatever is popular at the time (High School Musical and SpongeBob are so 2009!) So this year I really want to create stockings out of burlap or linen and include our initials and maybe some cute embellishments.

I'm thinking maybe a simple stocking like many of the ones on this page, but with a trim of either faux sheepskin or Minky Cuddle Dimple Dot Tiffany Fabric. Aubri has a purple pillow case made of this material and it's so luxurious feeling....not that we'd be rubbing our stockings on our faces or anything but you never know (we just might be that happy with our stocking contents Christmas morning...)

I would LOVE some footed pajamas in this material--- so scrumptious and sumptuous!

I have a few of the faux sheepskin pillow covers for the pillows in the living room and I really love them. I could see that material on our stockings....

I could also see a new tree skirt made up of Minky Cuddle Dimple Dot Tiffany Fabric... I just want to wrap myself in that material!

I also want to create an advent calendar because I don't like the countdown calendar that we have. It's a wooden misspelled (haha, jokes on us as it was Made in China) gawdy thing that the kids might like but doesn't put me into the Holiday Spirit one bit. The only activity is replacing the wooden numbers each day. I like the idea of adding activities to our advent calendar.

The Pottery Barn burlap calendar from last year is adorable (shown below) but I couldn't see myself spending $99 for it and it's not even available. I do love me some PB items but something like this seems like a crafting challenge that I might be able to handle.

Pottery Barn Burlap Advent Calendar (2010)

I found a cool knockoff tutorial that I might have to utilize and I think I still have a cool linen tablecloth that I can use as well. I bet I have all I need already in my possession. I have a bag of green felt squares that I could use to make the pockets and I was thinking it might be cute to add birdies like this along with numbers to the pockets.

Have you ever used an Advent Calendar? Do you do different activies every day leading up to Christmas or do you just use it to count down? Any suggestions for activities?

Inquiring minds want to know...


  1. We never did an advint calendar. Blakes birthday is Dec. 2nd so we had his birthday to keep things hopping between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    For the last 3 or 4 years we have started doing this Christmas Eve thing where we all go to the Mall and have $25 to spend on the other two people. We meet back at a certain spot in like an hour or whatever time we set. Then we go to Outback Steakhouse for our Thanksgiving meal come home wrap the Christmas Eve gifts and then we get to open them. Then we play games or watch a movie if someone got that or whatever as a family. The next morning we have Christmas. One year we got to the mall to late Christmas Eve and got to Target about 30 minutes before it was going to close. It was a challenge to get the gifts and not let the other two find out what they were getting. Tons of fun.e

  2. Jackie, that does sound fun and challenging. Every year gets busier with extended family gatherings so it will be nice to have a moment each day for our little family carved out for a fun activity. We never did things like the Shelf Elf or Advent Calendar but I think it would be neat to share with the kiddos. Simple things like having cocoa with mint whipped cream or handing out flowers to random strangers at the grocery store to test driving a Buick Enclave. (We are not in the market for a new car just yet but we prob shouldn't wait until we need one, right? Plus it's nice to be in a new car.) I think my husband and I can come up with a few memorable activities whether it's a taste good thing or feel good thing. We just need to line them up with other family gatherings, etc.

    I didn't get the calendar done but I did bring the felt squares and linen table cloth up so that's a start. BTW, on that felt pomp wreathe, if you read my blog post about it there's a link to Baby Rabie's tutorial. You and Dara might really like to make them. And if you set out a dish of Christmas candy corn and peanuts it makes it that much more enjoyable.

    Happy Weekending...


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