21 May 2011

We had a few visitors this morning:

Morning Bee



And we got a LOT done in the yard. The chickens were finally let out of their coop once we got their run mostly covered in chicken wire. We are using a greenhouse frame under one of our pecan trees for their run and the girls seemed to really like their new digs:

East of the Chicken House

The Little Ones with the Hens

The Chicken Whisperer

We also weeded the garden, partially cleared the back drive and started the forsythia hedge in the front yard.

BEFORE (notice the turtle?)



Forsythia Hedge (in progress)

I have been wanting to create a hedge to block noise and I really wanted a YELLOW hedge this Spring. The forsythia that we have were transplants put haphazardly in the front yard some time back. I dug up the odd one out to plant in a row with the crazy wild one in the corner and found a couple of offshoots with roots (good fortune) to go on either side. I've read that you can create a hedge with forsythia just by taking some of the long branches and clipping them into the ground beside the mother plant. After the new plant roots you keep repeat this process and grow a thick hedge.

Sideways View of the Forsythia Hedge (in progress)

With a little luck (and fertilizer) I can get the Japanese Barberry to grow together and the forsythia to grow together so I can have a red border and a yellow (then green) border in my natural courtyard.

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