03 May 2011

Good Times

Wow! What a weekend...we didn't get a lot of yardwork done (as planned) but we had some quality time with friends and family. Saturday we drove to Boley for a BBQ with the Little Ones' birth father, Papa Dave and his wife, Shawna. That was such a nice visit; a very relaxing time.

Breezy Working the Bubbles

The kids were all well behaved and Shawna was prepared with buckets and bubbles for the kids (I love that she and Papa Dave include all 3 children) and a bird feeder craft.

Making Bird Feeders

After lunch we took a walk down the road and saw a newborn foal. On the way back to the house we saw 3 pretty horses hanging out together. They all looked alike, rust colored with a little white on their faces but one of the horses had BLUE eyes. It was beautiful to see and also a little weird.

Three Amigos

Baby's Got Blue Eyes

We had a great visit and we were so very proud of the way the kids behaved and how much fun the kids had just exploring and getting hugs and loving from their God created family...

Sunday we had a nice relaxing day of laundry, listening to the rain, baking cookies and having some much needed down time as a family...


Monday was a great day because one of the Best Neighbors Ever was in town for a visit. The Little Ones got to meet Pete finally and we got to spend a few hours visiting. We are hoping to see him and his family later on this year for a longer visit. Even though he wasn't here long, the kiddos seemed to take to him...

Mr. Tickle

More pics/vids of the Tickle Torture.

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