25 May 2011

Aftermath and Prayers

Last night was a scary night of heavy rains, high winds, hail and TORNADOES whipping through our area. We were safe watching the footage on the computers when the satellite would go out (from the basement at times). And the Little Ones got to see Mommy's mini-trampoline for the first time. A friend and her daughter waited out the the storms with us. We watched as the rain fell from the sky and later some golfball sized hail came down. The sirens went off a few times but we didn't really feel afraid. We watched as the news crews showed the tornadoes pulverizing homes and cars and flinging debris all over in neighboring cities. Later the sun came out and the chickens came out to stretch their wings and life was good again....for us.

For many Oklahomans there was much loss. Today I am haunted with the thoughts of what the Hamil family in Piedmont must be going through. A pregnant momma got into the tub with her 3 children and tried to protect them from harm. [Their daddy was out of town.] Her toddler son died in the tornado and she and her 5 year old daughter were hospitalized in critical condition. Their 3 year old son Ryan has not been found yet.

Scott found this page of a book in our back yard (along with pieces of insulation from a wrecked home) tonight. I am not sure which book the page came from it's from a children's book and it saddens me to think that this book and that boy were ripped away so violently last night. I pray to God to help the rescue team find Ryan alive and deliver him safely to his mom and his family so the healing can begin.

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  1. News has posted that they found the boy in a lake with the aid of dogs early this morning. He's with his brother now...praying for the family at this awful time of loss.


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