15 April 2011

Serenity Now

So, we used to have a black front door. It faces the South and would get very hot on sunny days. For a few years I envisioned our house with a red door, maybe crimson. I researched the meaning behind a red door and found in Feng Shui, it symbolizes the mouth of the home. Red is supposed to be welcoming to friends, money and success. After finally settling on a color, we decided to scrap red because everybody and their dog has a red door. I am so glad we did. It would have been a heat absorber too, I'm sure.

Blue Door

Blue represents water and abundance; trust, loyalty and stability.

Speaking of heat absorbers, the week old chicks (who require their heat lamp still) are very therapeutic and educational to watch. Sort of like watching a pile of ants, but these are bigger and peck at each others eyes on occasion. They are so cute and the pecking order has already changed.

Checking Each Other Out

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