08 February 2011

Hold Me Now

So, last week...was not good. And the jury's still out on this week. At the end of January the Littlest One started to come down with something so I pushed fluids on the kids to try to fend off any sickness. This started a chain reaction of events that I have yet to recover from. In the middle of dinner the next to littlest couldn't sit still because of the influx of fluids, so being the understanding mom that I can sometimes be, I escorted him to the bathroom for relief and then we came back to finish dinner.

When I sat back down my chair shattered and I landed on my elbow on the brick hearth. I was stunned and scared (of a trip to the ER); we iced my elbow and determined that it had not been shattered, but that I got lucky in that I landed on the elbow meat (woot!).

The next morning Breezy had a slight fever and runny nose so I kept her and Damien home with me to rest. By the time Scott came home at lunch it was obvious that we were not well. And so for the next 2 days 4/5 of the Morgan household were achy, feverish, suicidal (maybe that was only me) and bed bound. Emi stayed healthy and I can't help but wonder if her fish oil supplements kept her protected. When I was her age my parents forced us kids to take cod liver oil and as disgrosting as it was, it kept us from getting sick too.

Luckily for us, the weather and streets were bad enough to warrant snow days so Scott and I caught up on the first 2 seasons of Dexter. We ended the week with a bad case of Cabin Fever - the kids were especially afflicted... but we are all doing better now!

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  1. An amazing story. I read about it on another site while googling something else. Enjoy life with hubby and children.


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