23 February 2011


I haven't mentioned much about the family in a while because we've been busy and sick and tired. But if I wait until we are NOT busy (or sick or tired) to update then I would see you back here in about 16 years! Hi! I don't think I could bottle it up for that long...

I feel like the family-ness is settling in for the Little Ones. We're bonding more and more each day. I am enjoying watching all of them experience new things and they are quick learners. Not that any of them necessarily applies immediately what they've learned...

Cheez Whiz

Emi made all A's and is busy with soccer, girl scouts and basketball. Now she wants to add volleyball to the mix.  I would LOVE for her to try out volleyball now (or soon) so that before any of the other children get into extra-curriculars, she will have whittled hers down to those she truly loves...  We used to do so much together, with our Girls Nights In and hadn't had much chance for that this past year. So we recently got the chance to see Justin Bieber's new movie. While I have had Bieber Fever in the past, I don't think of The Biebs in that way. I had proud tears in my eyes for much of the movie when I saw how far he's come and especially when the shots would show his mom and dad with tears in their eyes. We enjoyed the movie and the girl time away from the rest of the family. Our biggest family project with Emi right now is selling Girl Scout cookies!


David is potty-trained and going to the toilet by himself (and I am not scraping dried pee off the bathroom tile!!)!! He is so smart and so talkative (just like his big sis) and now he has taken to calling his little sister "Captain Obvious" when she says things like "It's raining" ..and it is actually raining... Hmmmmm...wonder where he might have heard that before... He's gotten better about not totally freaking out and throwing a tantrum when things don't go exactly his way and I am So Happy to report that. I get the feeling that he didn't have to deal with the word "no" much before us and he capitalizes on the extra attention he gets for being so outgoing. Also, that "curly hair and brown eyes" combo has everyone eating out of the palm of his tiny hand. Kudos for my boy for being so sweet and understanding and smart, more and more each day. For a few weeks he would tell me at dinner that he wanted to marry me and then he would ask Daddy if he could borrow his ring. We explained to him that he would have his own wife someday (WAY off in the future) and now he tells me "I am your son and one day I will be a daddy".

Yes, they do!

Aubri is also potty-trained! She is officially in panties and I can't believe it. I was really impressed with this until I saw a news story about "Infant Potty Training". Wow! I am still impressed with Aubri's progress. And what a sweet precious little baby girl she is. She wakes up in the morning full of sunshine and greets me with "Good Morning, Mommy" and lots of sweet kisses.  She can arch her left eyebrow up on command too! She is always showering me with attention and telling me "I love you, my mommy" and "I am your daughter". I love holding her until she falls asleep and the smell of her curly haired head...

Wearing Mommy's Slippers (and cheesin!)

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