22 November 2010


This morning as I lay there with the electrodes and heat working their magic on my back I tried to figure out how I tweaked my back again. Then I remembered the past weekend (which seemed to fly by....I wonder why) and realized it wasn't ALL about The Walking Dead and catching up on other DVR'd shows.

In addition to that, we:
  • Sorted through all 3 kids dressers and closets (and playroom/sunroom) for donables
  • Bathed and blow dried both dogs (after bathing the kiddos)
  • Vacuumed and dusted whole house (twice - before and after dogs were bathed because they are shedding fools)
  • Painted chalk board on wall in kitchen (after loving what I saw on Nothing But Bonfires)
  • Clipped, pruned trees and shrubs; dead headed roses; weeded, raked and bagged leaves in front yard
  • Dragged portable radiator up from basement
  • Wrestled and played with the kiddos
  • Put up our Christmas tree
  • Brought countless Christmas decorations up from the basement
  • Carried countless loads of laundry up from the basement
So maybe I overdid it with the projects this weekend but the weather was gorgeous and we needed to take care of the dogs, editing down of the clothes/toys, cleaning up yard for winter and decorating for the holidays.

I love going to PT even though they make me exercise...or maybe it's because they make me exercise....no, it's the heat and those wonderful electrodes that put me in an alpha state. Actually, it's that they work with me on helping me to condition my body and tackle what life throws at me. It's like having a personal trainer, but one who is gentle with me, not barking at me to push myself harder. Although I do work up a sweat these days...

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