21 September 2010

Winfield Camping 2010

Cheesin' for the Camera (As Usual)


What I miss about Winfield:
  • being bunched up together as a family in the camper
  • the live music
  • hanging out with family and friends
  • festival food
What I don't:
  • being bunched up together as a family in the camper
  • porta potties
  • outdoor showers
  • hippie feet
  • sweating
  • the tornado
  • the hospital staff (even though they were super hospitable)
  • festival food
Almost Like Showering Outside

We followed a pretty nasty thunderstorm into town and were told that a tornado touched down 5 miles east of camp right before we got there. Good thing we were running late! There was no power but the temps were nice and cool so getting to sleep was no problem. The next day we hung out around camp most of the day only venturing out to the midway for meals. Emi ended up with a sore throat and fever on Thursday afternoon so we took her to the ER Friday after she wasn't better. The doc said she didn't have strep but he was concerned about her ears so we left with a script for antibiotics. She finally felt better by Saturday afternoon. Might have had something to do with her cousins being there and also her bike calling out to her.

Let's Make Like a Baby and Head OUt

The Little Ones enjoyed playing with their cousins around the camp site and being pulled around the festival and camp sites in their wagon. We enjoyed our fair share of home made ice cream and country breakfasts too. The music was great at our site and neighboring sites as well, and on Stage 5 too. Hopefully next year we will have a bigger camper with a private bathroom and shower...


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