25 September 2010

Finding Her Voice

My sweet little almost 2 year old girlie has changed so much in the past 5 months. When she joined our family the only words she said were "Up" and "Bite" and that got her pretty much what she needed. Big Brother was good about speaking for her. These days when he tries, he doesn't get very far because she's talking so much! Some of the more recent sentences that have cracked me up:

"Oatmeal? I wanted a cheeseburger." (In response to big sister telling her that she made oatmeal for dinner)

"I have pockets." (Good observation, baby girl!)

At a restaurant the other night she was waving goodbye to a lady and she said "Goodbye,Cheryl" thinking she was a friend of ours. When Daddy laughed and said "That's not Cheryl. That's funny!" Aubri said "No, it's not."

The other day after we were all discussing David's big birthday party and cakes and gifts, Aubri was singing her ABC's all the way through (3 times!!!) and I told her "Wow! Good Girl!" and went on praising her and David paused and said "Hey it's my birthday!" (as in back to me)

Right now she's singing "Happy Birthday to me!" (APPA BUR-DAY to me)...so cute...she is stoked about turning 2...

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