11 August 2010

Weekend Warrior Prose

So I crafted a nice draft blog entry Monday to provide updates on the items listed in my last entry and while the e-mail system showed that the draft was sent (twice actually), it was not. Nevermind that I cleaned out my "Sent" folder of senseless garbage and even purged my e-mail trash. When I logged in to Blogger last night, the draft entry was not there and I wanted to cry. Maybe I need more sleep or exercise, I don't know but I will try to recreate the "magic" that was pre-created on Monday.

Emi survived a week at church camp... and she won 2 (almost 3) awards: Messiest Camper and The Kid Who Ate the Most Candy. I DID tell her to live it up while she was at camp so who can blame her having so much fun with her first camp experience. The awards were presented at church on Sunday after the counselors assembled the kids on stage. Emi's eye got as big as saucers when a counselor described the Least Hygenic Kid Award and then announced that it went to a boy who didn't shower the entire time (his dad said if he went swimming every day he didn't NEED to shower). Emi had one shower on that kid...

We were going to drive up to the camp to have dinner with Emi on Wednesday but Emi didn't want us to "embarrass" her by showing up to check on her at camp. We were sure she'd be crying for family by Wed but the only whining came from her spending all of her snack money at the snack shack. She went from "Mom, it costs MONEY for you to eat dinner with me! Please just let me have this one week for myself." early in the day to "Could you guys please bring me some snacks and my goggles? You guys can have dinner with me while you are here." later on, when we'd already made other plans...

Which leads me to the update on Salty: It was the crank sensor and we got her back Wednesday after work with minimal damage to our budget. (I love my mechanic!) I couldn't be happier to have my wheels back. While I appreciate that I can drive Scott's pickup when the Disco is in the shop, I don't feel as competent a driver in the truck. Parking is very humorous to watch - seriously like driving a boat. In my Disco I can see everywhere and the turning radius is really tight so I can whip in to parking slots easily. In the pickup I feel like a little girl in need of a booster seat whereas I can crank the seat up high in my car and ride like royalty. The kids seem to like the Disco too because they can see all around them (love the Alpine windows!) and mommy is much happier in her own vehicle.

Our pool plumbing sprang a leak recently too...right around the pump. So we dug up and hammered a few areas looking to replace plumbing and then 3 work days, 3 different game plans, 5 pits, concrete saw and jackhammer later, we had a fix! Saved about $1,000 and we have a plan to put a cabana in to replace the hammered pool house and hot tub (which REALLY needs to go!).

Emi and I got to take an hour long bike ride around the neighborhood while the above carnage ensued and I can't tell you what a joy it is to be able to ride bikes with my little girl (who is trying to grow up way too fast). We also enjoyed tomatoes fresh from the garden and time with extended family and friends.

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