18 August 2010

Good Thing?

So! This is the 3rd night in a row that our potty trained son has waken us up around 3am because he needs to pee.  (As I type this everyone is back to sleep except for me!) For more than a month now he's been peeing and pooping in the potty and letting us know when he has to go to the bathroom (during the day) and we feel really blessed that things have gone so smoothly....until Monday at 3am, Tuesday at 2:32am and this morning at 3am. I am awakened before I've slept 5 hours straight and it's making me very grumpy at work (not that I needed any help with that!).  David walks into our room in pitch black and declares "I need to pee!" waking us up from a dead sleep. We praise him for peeing and he gets back to sleep no problem, but I have a hard time getting back to sleep. I thought the Monday am episode was a fluke and didn't take any precautions with limiting fluids before bed Monday night....and then he woke us up at 2:32am Tuesday to pee. So, last night there were no fluids after dinner and he peed before his bath, read some books and went to sleep. I thought we were home free until an hour ago. Mama needs her uninterrupted sleep. When someone wakes Mama up at 3am, Mama usually responds by calling the police (kids loud partying) but those days have been over for a long while now...

Emi didn't get up in the night to pee when she was this little...she was much older! So we have nothing but that to compare too. So I consulted Dr. Google and checked out potty training forums, etc and found that this 3am awakening is actually a good thing? (Not for me). I can see how this can work to our benefit (dry PullUps!) but I would take a longer stretch of sleep over dry diaper most days. So, I guess we need to work on David getting up to pee by himself in the night....and ensuring that he pees right before bed.... (and also maybe waking HIM up to pee before we retire for the evening?) to head off needed any 3am bio breaks. Many of the resources I read recommended waking your child up at 3am to help them to the toilet so that they can wake up dry... I am not convinced that THAT would be a good thing because then everyone's sleep is disturbed and it's just training the child to wake up at 3am (never desirable in my book). But I don't want to be trained to awaken during the "unholy hour" of 3.

I understand that we need to go with the flow (hah!) and that I should be happy that David is waking up when he needs to pee so we'll take this as a victory and work on more independent pottying.


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