26 August 2010

Family Business

Everyone in the Morgan household is healthy and happy at the moment. *Knock wood!* Poor little Aubri was scheduled to get a shot yesterday and ended up getting 3! Bless her little heart!  She had no idea what was happening when the nurse jammed a shot in one leg, then the other and came back to the original leg for the last one. I'm told she was crying for Mommy and Daddy afterwards. I wish I could have been there to comfort her but I am also glad she associates that pain with her aunt instead of her mom! ;.)

Later, she told me about the shots with her bottom lip jutting out and I gave her lots of hugs and kisses to make it better. Now, instead of walking like a drunk being pulled with an invisible string attached to her waist, she walks like a drunk being pulled with an invisible string attached to her waist who has recently been clubbed in the leg. I bet she has already forgotten the whole tragedy already.

David has been cracking us up lately. We really need to film his story times because they show so much creativity! Last week I asked him what he did at Aunt Dee's house and he said they went to church. I said "Really, what did you do there?" He replied "Played in traffic." Okee....

And the other night at bedtime after we'd read 3 books I told the kids that it was time to get in bed. David stopped me and said "Actually, it's time for me to pee" Good boy! He's gotten so much better about the late night peeing thing too...if he has to pee he either quietly goes to Scott's side of the bed to whisper for help or just pees by himself and gets back in bed. We leave a light on for him so it's no problem. He's such a good boy and a quick learner!

Emi is doing well with school starting back up and next week SOCCER starts back up. I hope her cleats from the Spring season still fit but I sorta doubt it because the size 8 Crocs I bought her are being returned as I type this because she is now wearing a size 9!!! Baby girl is growing like a weed. She recently decided that she wanted to wear her hair loose in an afro and while that initially gave me heartburn, we are working with her daily to moisturize and detangle her hair. It's a struggle but she looks so cute! I am trying my hand at cornrowing and I am S-L-O-W-L-Y getting there. I get much need inspiration from Katie at Happy Girl Hair.

We've been busy with school starting back up but we still make time for the Farmer's Market, bike riding and swimming. And we've really been concentrating on cooking dinner at home every night. Last night the family approved of my first time manicotti dish (which was uber filling) and the night before I made pizza after I saw a cool brie, proscuitto and mushroom pizza recipe by Half-Assed Kitchen mentioned on She Likes Purple.

I have been trying to use up ingredients that I purchased some time back before they expire (i.e: manicotti, quinoa, red lentils, brie, proscuitto, etc) and sticking to a weekly menu in order to adhere to our budget. It's been a challenge but we love a good food challenge here in the Morgan household. We've been lucky enough this week to have made enough of some good meals to have leftovers for lunch and also freeze extra meals for the days when I don't feel like cooking...

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