30 July 2010

Dither Time

So with 3 kids in the family and trying to adjust to a new routine I've decided to chart and post our new routine a la SuperNanny style so that the children can get on board. In looking at at the recommendations for this chart I saw that SN recommends putting in enough 'dither time' for the children to wash and dress:

- noun
A state of indecisive agitation.
- verb
to be uncertain or indecisive; to act nervously or indecisively

Okee. I have spent whole afternoons dithering...maybe we should just call it "wiggle room"?

Leeway, latitude, flexibility...

Helpful examples of other family's posted routines are here.

I found the routines suggestions when looking for sample House Rules for me to post in helping to achieve harmony in the household.

It's 100+ degrees almost every day here so when we're not looking for ways to be harmonious together, we are always looking for a way to chill out together...

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