08 April 2010

Her Hair Reminds Me of a Warm, Safe Place

(Where as a child I'd hide) That's what I want!

Since I cut my hair off, I've been in product purgatory trying not to be wasteful of the products I'd purchased prior and not loved while searching for honest recommendations of good hair products. Here are some products that I have tried lately and really like:

Joico Dry Spray Wax - my hair stylist sprayed some of this into my hair after cutting it several weeks ago and it made my hair piecey and chunky and smelled HEAVENLY - something about it reminded me of high school (but in a good way) too. And at work I can sort of reactivate the stuff by scrunching my wet hands into my hair.

Kerastase Age recharge shampoo - a recommendation from the Pioneer Woman (and this one didn't call for butter!). From the first time I used this shampoo I was amazed! The shine on my hair was unbelievable! I loved it so much that I got excited and left it at Scott's grandparents' house (3 hrs away) when we visited. I am planning to reunite with this awesome shampoo this weekend! This shampoo was a bit more than I normally spend on shampoo but I have never loved a shampoo as much as this!

One Hair Biscuit solid shampoo and conditioner - I got this at Target along with the conditioner bar and was expecting miracles after I read the reviews online. This little bar of shampoo replaces 3 bottles of shampoo. I don't know about that, but I liked the idea of saving money on shampoo after what I dropped on the Kerastase. I can report that I really like the hair biscuit, but I didn't care for the conditioner. Each bar cost less than $10 each.

Hair One Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner I got this at the local Sally store (next to Target)because I could not imagine paying $186.00 for a gallon of WEN shampoo/conditioner that instructs you to use lots and lots and lots of the product for best results. I really liked the idea of the WEN products and was THIS CLOSE to buying a kit, but when I researched WEN products, I found the Hair One products and was much more willing to part with $9. Also, Sally let me return a bottle of smoothing lotion that I bought last year without a receipt so the cleansing conditioner only cost me $3. (I know - Big Spender!). I like to use this as a leave-in conditioner and styling aid.

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