17 January 2010

Sy-Fy Overload

Wednesday night I watched an episode of Fringe that dealt with astral projection or demonic possession a la Fallen and then later I read a bit more of The Time Traveler's Wife before falling asleep. Thursday morning I awoke from a shameful dream where I time traveled all the way to my office at the end of the work day and had to scramble to find clothing. I was only able to find a half shirt (who wears those anymore?) before heading out to the parking lot. I was so embarassed trying to pull the shirt down enough to cover my ass so that my co-workers walking behind me weren't getting an eyeful, but it was no use. I was to meet Scott in the parking lot to head out to a lake for the weekend. His best friend was there with him and while Scott was trying to help me cover up, he thought it would be a funny joke to unhook the boat (we do not have a boat) and hide the truck, just leave the boat in my work parking lot. Hardy-har-har! Thankfully I woke up from that dream soon after...

The next night/morning I had a dream about my cool English neighbor. In the dream she lived in a huge tree house (actually lived IN the base of this this gigantic tree) with 3 openings. It felt like we were in Africa. She was single and cleaning up her cool treehouse getting ready for a date. The walls were tall and adorned with mementos from her travels around the world and there was one wall full of needles (?). It was common knowledge in the village that she was scared of elephants. We saw an elephant follow her into her house and she then tried to shoo it out when it was also common knowledge that you lead an elephant out instead of trying to force it out (all this common knowledge coming from where?). While she was trying to get the elephant out, we talked to her date and asked him about the needles...what was the purpose? He said she was into accupuncture and actually gave us a demo of something that was not accupuncture. Through his shirt he pierced one of his nipples with a needle then with the other needle connected by a string, he pierced the other nipple. It was hard to watch and he told us it was so freeing. Yipes! I woke up right after that...

Saturday morning was thankfully the last occurence of these nightmarish dreams. I dreamed that Scott, Emi and I were walking up some stone stairs in a park when we fell into what can only be described as a zombie hibernation lair or vampire den. We scrambled to get out of that place where we saw human shaped cocoons and then went merrily on our way to a friend's house. While there we realized that our town had been invaded by vampires/zombies. In the the dream I distinctly felt like these were zombies because of the way my friends were attacked and bitten, then died and came back - the undead. But they were way more lithe than zombies and moved at normal or faster speed than non-zombie types. At some point in getting to the friend's house we lost Scott and picked up a couple of kids whose parents had been attacked.

We holed up in the house while some friends brought in a co-worker friend who'd been attacked, but they suspected he was not infected and put him in the back room to rest. The doorbell rang and when I looked out the window to the porch, a white girl from high school was standing there, looking all undead and she had 2 little brown girls wearing afro puffs in a wagon that she'd pulled onto the porch. I could not see their faces thankfully and I was afraid that they would turn around at any moment. Their heads were lolling around in that zombie way. This "friend" tried to persuade me to let her and her girls in and I told her to wait while I put some clothes on and then I checked the back door for escape. I had Emi and the 2 other kids close and when we tried to exit the back door, some good friends (and neighbors) of mine were suddenly blocking the doorway. They were friendly in their greetings but were obviously vampire/zombies trying to get at us. They looked normal enough but had pasty white faces with perma-grins. Not my friends any more... I told the kids to follow me and we tried to run through the town, but we could only move in that scary dream slo-mo way. It was very frustrating and I kept thinking that we would be safe if we could just make it to a tall tree in the park and scamper up, for we all knew that the undead could not climb. But our feet were like lead weights and they were gaining on us and the friend in the back room had waken up or become undead. We moved as best we could and I thought I could make it but the children were so much slower and weren't going to make it...

I woke up right at this point..thankfully!

I haven't consulted Dr. Google to analyze these dreams, but I bet he'd say that I need to turn off the TV, close the book and snuggle up with the Mr. tonight!

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