01 January 2010

Christmas FAIL

Today while we were taking down the Christmas tree we discovered a big Christmas Fail. Wedged into the Letters to Santa tube was a sweet note from Emi....and Santa was too busy with the cookies and milk to notice. D'oh!

Santa Claus what do you want for Christmas?

Santa if you want something call [cough*ahem] or wake me up. So call or wake me up.

She was upset that Santa hadn't taken the note but we thought it was her Christmas list (which he got via this blog previously) so we didn't touch it. She did leave another note for him by the cookies and he DID take THAT as a keepsake and actually left HER a note saying so. It wasn't a total fail, but we think she is doing some independent research on the real Santa because many of her friends do not believe in him. She's a persistent one, that girl. Will go far in life for sure!

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