18 November 2009

Ozzie's and Scary Moments...

Today I finally got to see my good friend, Tamara, for lunch at Ozzie's at the airport. Ozzie's is known for their coffee, breakfasts and steak dinners. Many people forget about this place because it's tucked away on North Campus at the small commuter airport, so it was nice to rediscover it with a great friend... they keep your coffee mug full and everyone calls you "Hon". I could have spent the rest of the afternoon there with my friend, having pie and coffee and watching the small planes take off and land...but I opted to go back to my office...

Later this afternoon when I rounded the corner to Emi's school, an ambulance was parked in the street and a fire engine blocked the drive, both with their lights flashing. I saw a fireman carrying an immobilization board to the playground and my heart pounded as I called Scott. A few emergency workers and teachers were grouped around the Big Toy and one of the teacher's was heading my way. I asked if Emi was ok and she said she was...~~~re-lief~~~

Inside I grabbed Emi and squeezed her and she immediately starting giving me the play by play of the boy falling off of the Big Toy onto his arm and then passing out after screaming for a minute. She got upset when we saw EMSA loading the boy into the ambulance, and while I assured her that he'd be alright, my watering eyes showed her that I was still upset.

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