22 November 2009

Feeling Festive

This weekend was busy, busy, busy with household projects:

  • Finally removing the 70's blinds from the sun room
  • Then lovingly and artfully applying joint compound to the walls in the sun room (thinking about painting the walls a glittery color, perhaps silver)
  • Rigging new lamp shade spiders to work with our current swag lamp fixtures (hooray for hubby's new soldering skills!)
  • "Touch up" painting the walls in the Gathering Room (from 3 years ago)
  • And this...

Yes, we put our tree up!

And we watched a Christmas show (Fred Clause) while we decorated our home...

We also got to meet up with my brother (who I get to see maybe once or twice a year) for dinner as he was passing through town back from a hunting trip.

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