18 August 2009

Co-co for Coconut!

Well, we are finally addressing our addiction to Carnation's Coconut Creme coffee creamer. In our home we like our coffee to taste like melted coffee ice cream and for years we used the vanilla flavor creamer. One Christmas, my friend Stacey and I quit the creamer and I lost 5 lbs within a month....off the jelly roll area! Without exercising! You'd think that alone would sway me from giving in to putting 4 large bottles of the sweet nectar into my shopping cart at Target, but doesn't. We actually make a special trip to Target because its the only store in Norman to carry the stuff. I can easily avoid transfats in every other area of my diet but have had a hard time finding a good substitute for the creamy (or non-creamy) coconut coffee creamer that I willingly encourage my family to get hooked on with me. I KNOW it's bad!!!

I've tried the soy versions and they SUCK! I have also enjoyed Jack Daniels coffee with full fat cream and organic pure cane sugar. But then JD coffee became UNavailable. *WRONG!* So I got wooed BACK into the transfat habit when Carnation introduced their Coconut Creme flavor. I attribute my love for All Things Coconut to my mother's side of the family. They owned a coconut plantation in the Philippines. I can only imagine how lovely THAT was, walking home from school stopping to take a ride on the water buffalo (caribou), with a nice view of the ocean AND the mountains, possibly stopping for some fresh mango or coconut!

My friend Stacy was over Sunday and suggested we try coconut butter, sugar and cream to flavor our coffee so this morning we tried a spoon of organic coconut oil, some organic cane sugar and organic milk and the coffee was so good!! Hoping this new healthy option will help us kick the Carnation habit and whittle our waistlines down a bit...

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