19 July 2009

Scary Moments Followed by Bliss...

After battling to clarify the water in the pool for a couple of months we decided to drain it completely and fill it in with sand. Kidding. Draining it took about 14 hours and we discovered our pool is a LOT bigger than we thought (after 4 years of living here). And THAT could have been why it was so difficult to get the pool completely clear (chemistry off. It was scary to walk by the partially drained pool because it was so deep. Taking a header into a filled pool would be embarassing. Taking a header into our drained pool would be fatal (and embarassing). It was dusk when we started the process and Scott stubbed his foot a couple of times on some of the flagstone rocks in our patio. So whenever I was in the house attending other needs like, oh, sleeping, I'd suddenly think he'd sailed head first into the pool and have to check on him. It cut seriously into my sleep, but I'm happy to report that nothing more serious than the stubbed toe happened, to Scott anyway.

Right after dusk when the pool was drained a couple of inches, the bats came out and 1 widdle guy ate the wall and had to be fished out. He lived to shake himself off and fly off quietly (no doubt red faced) and there were no further casualties.

We took measurements of the drained pool and were surprised to calculate close to 30,000 gallon capacity whereas the pool place where we take our samples had us listed at 20,000 gallons. Whoopsie. So we've got a handle on THAT now! Our lovely neighbors who we adore and hold in high esteem were kind enough to help us fill the pool. So, with both hoses going, it took about 45 hours to refill.

Next year we HAVE to re-plaster the pool but for now we can once again enjoy our pool!

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