28 June 2009

Pie in the Sky

Yesterday we hosted Emi's 7th birthday party in the back yard and it was a blast! She wanted pie instead of cake and it was a welcomed departure. Inspired by the Make the Pie Fly game Daddy participated in at the Nickelodeon Hotel, we scripted the party around pie. We had 6 different kinds of pie for eating and plenty of whipped cream pies for sharing as well. The kids swam and snacked first, then we had a rousing game of Musical Pies. We played "Hold on Tight" (ELO) and had 2 pies circulating at a time. Whenever we paused the song, whomever was left holding a pie, had to make it fly...right into their faces. We were surprised to see how quickly the children cottoned to the idea of taking a pie in the face...and how some kept coming back for more. The pie game was a big hit!

After every child had gotten their share of pies-in-the-face, we moved on to the water balloon fight. The poor unsuspecting parents lounged in the shade of the yard under misters and a fan breeze. That is until Scott instructed the children to attack the parents. Some of the parents actually retaliated. It was a The Hottest Day of the year at 102 degrees so some parents also decided to take a dip in the pool fully clothed. We call the party a success! Emi told us it was the best party ever!

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