17 January 2009

Phil "Fest" 2009

We had a very full day at our house today as we hosted a troop meeting to help the girls earn their cooking badges. For 2 hours we went over the Philippine culture - complete with a slide show of pics from my sister's trip to PI last year, authentic Filipiana and Barong clothing, artwork, music (Jazzapino by Charmaine Clamor) and lots of good food! The girls sampled some fried lumpia and made Chicken Adobo for the main course and Halo-Halo for dessert. They played Sungka (just like Mancala) and learned a few phrases in Tagalog. Was a very educational meeting for all (including me) and our house only smelled like lumpia and adobo for a FEW days after...

Eating Halo-Halo (which means "mix-mix" in tagalog)

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