16 October 2008

Flint Ridge 2008

We had a glorious Fall Break in Flint Ridge during our annual Halloween camp trip. The fall foiliage was so pretty and the temperature was perfect for sitting outside catching up on some reading during the day and hanging out near the fire for warmth in the evenings. It was the best Flint Ridge camp experience I have had thusfar.

My contributions were made with love (and sadly, calories...):
  • My FAVORITE chicken & andouille sausage gumbo
  • My Dad's family recipe Duke's Mixture (which is basically a layered goulash) but I substituted buffalo for the ground beef typically used...
  • Spinach Artichoke Dip with chips
The kids had fun playing with their cousins, the dogs were happy to be anywhere with the family, and I was content to be away from it all and surrounded by beauty. And Mary (see below) made some wonderful salsa that I could not get enough of..

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