28 September 2008

Dirty Dozen

So, for our 12th anniversary we decided we'd dub this the "balcony" anniversary (vice silk) because we finally got around to checking out "The Balcony Experience" at the Warren Theatre. Needless to say, we have been spoiled from regular seating for life. No more fighting for the drink holder or shushing teenagers!

"The Warren Theatre Balcony is the talk of the town! At our Moore Warren Theatre, there are TWO Balconies geared towards providing an even more elegant andpersonal experience, evident in the lush, imported, oversized seats. Also, patrons to Balcony shows enjoy access to the full service bar and lounge before and after the show, as well as food and drink service to your seat throughout the show."

We had reservations for the Theatre for Two which includes 2 primo seats in the balcony, 2 entrees, 2 drinks and dessert for the table. The computer gave us the best seats in the balcony and we agreed. Frontrow, center and HEATED! We gorged ourselves on the Philly sandwich and Mobster pizza and had some nice red wine from the bar. We were amazed that even though we and others around us were having food and drink brought to our seats, we were unaware of the wait staff's presence during the movie (Eagle Eye - made me even more paranoid about "Big Brother"). For dessert we had Bill's "Big Apple": Piping hot deep dish apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and dusting of cinnamon. Hoo boy! The movie was great, the service was great and the company was perfect!

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