20 June 2008


There's a faraway land

So the stories all tell

Somewhere beyond the horizon.

If we can find it

Then all will be well,

Troubles there are few,

Someday, we'll go to...

Solla Sollew

Solla Sollew

Wow! We were blown away by all of the children's performances in Artworks Academy's production of Seussical! Amazed were we that our littlest ones, the Beginning Musical Theatre kiddos could keep up with the dancing and singing of the older performers for 2 WHOLE HOURS (with a 15 min intercession)! We started the week not having a clue about what to expect because practices have been top secret (it seems) and witnessing the work behind the scenes at rehearsal was pretty intense at times, especially trying to keep the young 5-6 yr olds entertained while they waited for their time on stage. That time period was hairy, but balanced out nicely with the great performances. We could tell that our little one loved being up on stage singing and dancing. She was so pleased when "Horton" told her that she's done a great job! Even now, 2 weeks later I still can't get the songs out of my head!'

Cause I have wings.Yes, I can fly

Around the moon

And far beyond the sky

And one day soon

I know there you'll be

One small voice in the universe

One true friend in the universe

Who believes in me...

Even though the performance was great and we thought Emi was a perfect little Who (on stage that is), we are glad that the rehearsals and practices are over with for the summer. We need a break!

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