11 May 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Spending some time at my mother's home in Florida for the first Mother's Day together since my parents divorced over 30 years ago. We see each other a couple of times a year, but previously never for this special day. My sister and I decided to make a long weekend and come to town to play with my mom, and take a break from our busy lives. So far it's been very nice!

Our husbies were kind enough to watch the kiddos while we are on this excursion and that is a wonderful gift for us for Mother's Day! Thanks, Scott and Gabe! We've been indulging in Filipino and Cuban food (save for a night of Hungry Howies) and spending time relaxing at the beach or karaoking here at the house. It's beautiful and tranquil here, especially first thing in the morning. I've been going to sleep when I'm tired and waking up when I am rested (hallelujah!). My vacay habit has been to get up before the rest of the house without the aid of an alarm clock, fix some coffee and step out into the chunk of paradise that is my mom's place. The swaying Spanish moss on the trees and the scent of Gardenia take me back to my early childhood days when life was so carefree.

Coming here - the first homeplace I can remember - without any agenda, just going with the flow has been very cathartic. Things that I stuffed way down a long time ago, memories, have freed themselves and continue to bubble up (with the aid of talking with my mom and sister and BEING HERE) and it's refreshing to remember my childhood in greater detail...

We didn't manage to get it together to COOK my mom breakfast for this special day but we did the next best thing and trucked it over to Panera Bread for a nice breakfast spread to offer her. In exchange, she juiced more fresh picked oranges for us. I think we are getting a little spoiled...

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