09 May 2008

Caladesi Island

Today we decided to put on our bathing suits and drive (and drive and drive!). We took the ultra scenic route to Caladesi Island passing numerous beaches along the way. I can't complain because I was snoozing in the back seat off and on and didn't have any plans. We saw a LOT of south Florida, native plants and animals and a lot of flesh, mine included on the beach! I've posted some pics and video for you to enjoy!

We parked at Honeymoon Beach (a place I'd like to check out in the future with my husband) and took the ferry to Caladesi Island. We had to wait almost an hour on next ferry because it was a slow day. I took advantage of the time we waited in the pavilion to educate myself on the wildlife around these parts: the mangroves used to prevent erosion, the native gopher turtle and RATTLESNAKES that sometimes live in the same hole together, the raccoon and other varmints (how the hell do these animals GET to the tiny island in the first place?). What else? Spiders and other fun insects.

On the way to Caladesi I spotted a dolphin and the ferry driver stopped the boat so we could all get a better look. That's when the dolphin got shy. This happened numerous times on the way and my sister and I thought that the dolphins just liked to jack around with the tourists!

We grabbed some souveneirs and cheeseburgers on the island before we hit the beach. After we got settled, my sister was just digging into her burger when she started to say "Wouldn't it be funny" when the seagulls attacked her from behind grabbing her burger. She thought she'd been hit with a beach ball at first. Needless to say, she never did finish her story....and mom and I ate our burgers under the safety of the umbrella...

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