08 April 2008

Foodie Goodies...

Last weekend I saw Ellie Krieger make Thai-Style Halibut with Coconut-Curry Broth and I thought to myself - What a wonderful addition to my repertoire THAT might be! So we tried the recipe last night, with some ingredient substitutions and YUMMERS! The recipe calls for halibut obviously, but my store only had salmon and tilapia.

So, we went with the tilapia. And instead of shallots, we used green onions because that's what I had on hand and ditto with the lemon for a lime. Scott scoured another store for the last can of coconut milk because we didn't feel this could be substituted. I sauteed the onion and added in the wonderful curry paste, then added the chicken stock and coconut milk. [NOTE: This broth tastes a lot like the Tom Yon Gai that we used to enjoy from Royal Thai when we lived in Dallas.]

After the broth cooked down a little, I added the salted tilapia, covered the pot and cooked for 7 minutes. Meanwhile, Emi was steaming spinach in the microwave. When the fish was done, we mounded Jasmati rice and steamed spinach on plates, then placed the wonderful fish on top. To the broth/sauce we added cilantro, green onion and lemon juice stirring briefly over the heat, then we ladled the broth into the bowls.

OMG! The end result was so good! Emi told me that it was the best fish I'd ever cooked and even enjoyed the heat from the curry. This recipe is definitely a keeper.

Monday night we made Mongolian Chicken with water chestnuts and green onion. It was also very yummy served with brown rice cooked a la Alton Brown's method (baked!). I had suggested Mongolian Beef for the menu, but Emi wanted to mix it up a little so mix it up we did! Happy with
those results too! We marinated the chicken thigh strips in a mixture of veggie oil, soy sauce, corn starch, ginger and garlic for about an hour, then cooked the chicken quickly in the wok adding about a cup of water after the chicken was mostly cooked. We added water chestnuts and green onion and covered the pot to let the sauce thicken.

As a side dish we served a soybean/green bean/mushroom medley (frozen Archer Farms product) that complemented the Mongolian Chicken nicely.

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