19 January 2008

On the Flip Side

So I got Flippin' Out by Charmaine Clamor for Christmas (from Santa) and I was listening to the song that my mom says is her favorite, Usuahay, which is written/sung in Visayan, my mom's native language. It's a hauntingly beautiful song before you know what the words are ... and upon discovering what the words meant I couldn't keep the tears from coming. (Now I know where I got this part of me.)

Usahay nagadamgo ako (Sometimes I dream)
Nga ikaw ug ako (That you and I)
Nagkahigugmaay (Are in love with each other)
Nganong damguhon ko ikaw (Why do I dream of you)
Damguhon sa kanunay (Dream of you always)
Sa akong kamingaw (In my loneliness?)
Usahay nagamahay ako (Sometime I regret)
Nganong nabuhi pa (Why I was born)
Ning kalibutan (In this world)

Nganong gitiaw-tiawan (Why do you make fun of)
Ang gugma ko kanimo (My love for you)
Kanimo day (for you)
Ang gugma ko kanimo (My love for you)
Kanimo day (for you)

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  1. Thsi song also makes me cry. Charmaine Clamor sings so beautifully. I can't help it.


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